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Make sure you’re there, whenever you want and wherever you want

Consumers absorb media in small doses and use various devices all day long to do this. Sanoma ensures that you as an advertiser have all the available cross-media resources for reaching your target group at your fingertips. Each medium has its own impact and we’re here to pool all these different impacts for you so you can tell a relevant story. As far as we’re concerned, cross-media isn’t addition; it’s multiplication. And data is the multiplier in this connection. This correct data enables us to use targeting  to provide your target group with the most relevant content at exactly the right time and place.

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“Advertising’s isn’t about selling, it’s about familiarising people with a product”

We’re here for everyone

At Sanoma, we’ve been keeping up with consumers since 1933. We started our company out of love for the target group, and this has always been the essence of our power. Long-term relationships are crucial in today’s superficial world of information overload and short attention spans. At Sanoma, the focus is on forging and maintaining these relationships. So it isn’t surprising that our ‘audience first’ vision still guarantees very strong ties with our readers. Since we’re cross-medial, we can reach the target group at any time or place you like. And we can reach everyone in the Netherlands too, thanks to the focus of our six main domains. Our portfolio consists of strong brands, it can reach any target group, and it’s always in the picture through each type of media.

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Our solutions

Our added value lies in our combination of creativity, media, content and execution. We think up, develop and execute your campaign, and we’ve got all the necessary media at our fingertips to do this. We use relevant data to adjust your campaign so that it continually fits in with your target group’s own needs and ideas. We get the absolute best out of our unique cross-media portfolio for you and we really put your brand on the map.

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How to reach your target group directly

Providing relevant info that consumers actually need. That’s how you as an advertiser can reach any target group you want. But what’s actually relevant, where is your target group, and how can you trigger them off? Data gives us the answer to all these questions. Data simply means an insight into consumers’ ideas and needs that enables you to offer your product in exactly the right way. Sanoma helps you generate and analyse the right data so you can make the best possible use of it in your campaigns.

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