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In times when the term “fake news” is used frequently, consumers are becoming critical. Trust in government, brands and (social) media has never been so low. What does this mean for advertisers? DPG Media recently conducted three studies in collaboration with Mediabrands Marketing Sciences into the influence of trust in media on the effects of advertising. What seems? Advertising in a trusted media environment increases the advertising effect. In that context of trust, it is therefore effective advertising.

“Advertising’s isn’t about selling, it’s about familiarising people with a product”

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Consumers absorb media in small doses and use various devices all day long to do this. DPG Media ensures that you as an advertiser have all the available cross-media resources for reaching your target group at your fingertips. Each medium has its own impact and we’re here to blend all these different impacts for you so you can tell a relevant story. As far as we’re concerned, cross-media isn’t addition; it’s multiplication. And data is the multiplier in this connection. This correct data enables us to use targeting  to provide your target group with the most relevant content at exactly the right time and place.