• Donald Duck

    The biggest brand for family, kids and men in the Netherlands

Besides leading the market in the Dutch kids’ segment, Donald Duck is the biggest family and men’s magazine as well. Donald Duck enjoys almost 100% brand recognition with tremendous reader loyalty thanks to use of online as well as offline media. And you can actually learn more from it than you might think! Entertainment & education with plenty of humour: this happy brand is a source of inspiration to the whole family. Donald Duck stays part of your life for ever.

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Donald Duck Weekly

Donald Duck has been the market leader in the kids’ segment since 1952. As traditional reading material for Dutch families, this comic can be found in most households. So jump on the bandwagon and claim an editorial context in Donald Duck!

Take advantage of our cross-media options and make sure you’re visible online as well as offline!

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“Donald Duck stays part of your life for ever. He’s amazing, refreshing, topical, humorous and just a trifle naughty. He can get the target group on the move and keep them enthusiastic better than anyone can. And you can actually learn more from it than you might think!”

The average Donald Duck reader

is aged between 8 and 12

loves reading, playing outside and playing games

is interactive and likes keeping up to date on all cross-media innovations

has an inquiring mind and enjoys learning from these educational comics

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