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    The leading fashion platform for teenage girls

Fashionchick Girls is the leading fashion platform for girls in their teens. Fashionchick Girls is where the target group is: always on the go! Fashionchick Girls always provides the right content at the right place for teenage girls, no matter whether they’re on their mobile phone or taking a quiet break with the magazine. Followers and fans can read stories in the magazine, scroll around for ages on the website, watch videos on the Fashionchick Girls YouTube channel, and get inspiration on Instagram and Snapchat. This cross-media approach means we can reach the new generation in the best possible way.  They want to be entertained, but at the same time, they want to know exactly what they should do, buy and experience so that they can go through life feeling confident and happy with themselves.

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Fashionchick Girls Magazine

Fashionchick Girls is the leading glossy magazine for teenage girls with the very latest fashion & beauty news. Fashionchick Girls is published every 4 weeks and is packed with DIY ideas, shopping tips, inspiring looks for style icons, emotional real-life stories and loads of pages with low-budget fashion. Your message could be here too!

“With Fashionchick Girls, readers not only stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty news, but also read recognizable personal stories and the best interviews. From fashion glossy, YouTube, Instagram and shoppable style guides: meet the youngest and most colorful fashion brand!”

Babs Jansen


The Fashionchick Girl

are aged between 12 and 19

are connected and accessible online 24/7

have very definite opinions and make their own choices

live at home with parents or have just moved into student housing

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