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Flow is the mindstyle brand that inspires women of all ages. Flow provides its readers with insight and inspiration and helps them have a good think about their busy lives.  Flow has unique reader binding thanks to its cross-media content. It can create strong content for your brand too – online and offline – and offer this to its readers in a positive way.

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Flow Magazine

This magazine focuses on issues that women really do find important. Flow is honest and simple, authentic and personal, practical and achievable. Our creative and committed team are here to help you too and come up with useful suggestions on tailor-made advertising.

Take advantage of our cross-media options and make sure you’re visible online as well as offline!

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“Flow is a magazine that has all the time in the world. It’s a real mindstyle brand, with stories that fit in with today’s trends. It’s creative, down-to-earth and gives readers a sense of familiarity. Flow is so much more than just a magazine for our target group. We want to be a platform for alternative choices, simpler living and everyday things that bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Flow women

are aged between 20 and 65

have an international mindset

feel attracted to spirituality, positive psychology and natural healing methods

are creative, down-to-earth and combine work and family

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