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    Enhance your branded content with consumers’ views

Hettestpanel.nl discovers consumer opinions on products, services or other matters relevant to your brand or product. Consumers are motivated to test a certain product or share their views on a certain topic. Hettestpanel.nl has its own researchers who carry out in-depth research on a segmented group of testers or an identifiable group of buyers.

Hettestpanel.nl provides you with insight and claims that you can use to create unique branded content to enhance your commercial message and convince your target group.  But that’s not all! Hettestpanel.nl offers you options for communicating on-pack, outdoor and shop-floor ratings and reviews, or doing this through other media channels under licence.

Peer-to-peer reviews get results!

More than 60% of respondents have more confidence in products & services with quality labels and are more willing to buy them

More than 70% of respondents rely heavily on other consumers’ reviews when buying products

94% of the products purchased have been given a review with 4 or more stars



A representative target group (max. N = 500) from the hettestpanel.nl database is invited to test your product. This target group gives structured feedback by answering 10 questions. The final test results give you useful and practical insights which you can then incorporate into your branded content programme. In collaboration with DPG Media’s editors, you use these results to create fantastic branded content which you then distribute through DPG Media’s cross-media channels.


A representative target group (N = 500) from the hettestpanel.nl database is invited to take part in a survey. This target group gives their opinions on a certain topic or theme by answering 10 questions. The results of this survey are extremely intensifying if they’re incorporated into your branded content campaign. These results are perfect for use in fantastic branded content, which we can distribute for you through our cross-media channels.

Ratings & Reviews by shoppers

Besides testers, shoppers enjoy giving their opinions as well. We can use data on cash receipts to invite shoppers to share their views on products they’ve purchased thanks to unique collaboration between hettestpanel.nl and SCOUPY. On the basis of cash receipt data, hettestpanel.nl will ask at least 1.000 shoppers who’ve made recent purchases to review your product and/or give it a rating. These ratings or reviews can be communicated in campaigns or on your packaging or your shop floor.

Easy-reference report

hettestpanel.nl always uses an easy-reference infographic when reporting the results of reviews, tests or surveys. This infographic is included as a standard feature in the hettestpanel.nl “look and feel”, but we can coordinate it with your brand colours on request.

And that’s not all!

Reports compiled by hettestpanel.nl result in independent product claims such as “Rated at 8.3 out of 10” or “Recommended by 3 out of every 4 women” or “80% said they’d buy it again”, which can be used at DPG Media as often as you like for a whole year. In addition, hettestpanel.nl offers you the option of buying a hettestpanel.nl certificate at an extra charge.

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