• Katrien Duck

    The cheery magazine for girls

Katrien Duck is the female equivalent of Donald Duck. Her cheery magazine is packed with comic strips interspersed with short editorials. If you’d like to generate awareness and inspire & inform the Katrien Duck target group, we can help  you do this. The advertising options in the Katrien Duck magazine enable you to communicate in a lighthearted and educational way with “Katrien’s Girls”.

Katrien Duck Magazine

focuses on young girls aged between 6 and 12

has a total monthly circulation of 16.000

is secretly very educational

the girls in the target group see it as one of their “best friends”

Branded content

Branded content is the perfect way to hitch a ride with the Katrien Duck editorial environment. The content is built up using the look and feel and tone of voice of this magazine. This enables your article to go with the magazine’s flow and gives readers the feeling they’re reading an editorial. Advertorials and cooperative productions are a good example of this.

Crossword puzzle page with fun facts

You can use this advertorial to attract attention in the Katrien Duck target group by publishing crossword puzzles and “did you know?” quizzes. This is a really educational way to get your message across!

Plus propositions

Of course, there are a whole lot more options available within the current possibilities. These include unusual advertising formats, folders, stamp cards, special types of ink, fragrances, outserts or even a cover in your own style! We’re here to help you with exactly the right brand publicity for the greatest possible exposure!

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