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    Margriet bridges the gap between women and brands

Margriet is a powerful cross-media brand that reaches at least 2.7 million active and energetic women every week. Margriet has been providing women with relaxation, greater depth and familiarity ever since 1938, and it creates a real place for them to get together too. Margriet has generated strong reader loyalty thanks to its magazine, its online platform, its own video channel and its annual event.

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Margriet Weekly

Margriet has been a source of inspiration for modern women for many years due to its focus on happy and healthy articles. Margriet is low-threshold, optimistic and has tremendous social commitment. It can create strong cross-media content for your brand too and offer this to its readers in a positive way.

Take advantage of our cross-media options and make sure you’re visible online as well as offline!









“Today’s women want to feel good and make responsible choices for body and mind.”

Margriet Women

are active, energetic and aged 45 and over

lead satisfying lives with family, friends and work

are always on the lookout for inspiration on food, cooking and interior decor

have a healthy lifestyle

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