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    The biggest online news brand in the Netherlands

NU.nl is the biggest online news brand in the Netherlands. Every month, NU.nl reaches an average of more than 7 million unique Dutch people who collectively view about 800 million pages and watch videos many millions of times. NU.nl is fast, reliable and easy to follow. Thanks to our 90% direct traffic, it’s the perfect source that people check to keep themselves completely up to date. And don’t forget our NUsport online platform. It’s the leading online platform in the Netherlands as it gets 1,500,000 page views every week.

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NU.nl is the largest digital news brand in the Netherlands, with over 2 million unique visitors each day. NU.nl offers a blend of serious to light news on everything you have to and want to know. So take advantage of this huge reach and claim an editorial environment on NU.nl.

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“NU.nl gets more than 6,7 million visitors every month. But we still stay cool, calm and collected. We just want to keep on doing what we’re best at: reporting news items. Fast, unbiased, easy to follow and with as much detail as possible”

NU.nl followers

are men and women aged between 20 and 49

are highly educated

have an extremely wide range of interests

have an inquiring mind and enjoy surprises

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