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    The leading online sport platform in the Netherlands

NUsport is the leading online platform for sport lovers. NUsport is always up to date on the very latest news and makes sure its target group is kept completely up to date too. To reach sport lovers as effectively as possible, NUsport has launched an innovative app for iOS and Android. It’s packed with on-the-spot reporters, background info, columns and live blogs with lots of space for photos, videos and statistics. And of course, NUsport broadcasts the popular Champions League matches as well! There’s more than enough space for you as an advertiser among all this media publicity. So take advantage of this huge reach and claim an editorial environment!

NUsport is

1.500.000 page views every week

500.000 unique users every week

a total of 483.836 unique visitors

Commercial post

The commercial post can purchase content focused on specific target groups. You can target them for a specific column or a specific audience. This content advertising will be displayed between and underneath the articles on NU.nl in the apps and on your desktop.


Smarticles are sponsored articles provided native in the app and on the NU.nl website, in a form similar to an editorial. Smarticles enable you to boost your sponsored article, sponsored video, live blog, live stream or engagement tool.

Plus propositions

Of course, there are a whole lot more options available within the current possibilities. If you’d like more info, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with input on the perfect brand advertising for you.

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