This is the number one action marketing platform in the Netherlands

SCOUPY brings consumers, manufacturers and the retail sector together in an innovative way. It does this partly by creating a consumer community that is keen to try out products, share their experiences and receive unique customer benefits with their purchases. SCOUPY also provides a platform for manufacturers where they can relate directly to their customers independently of the retail sector. And there’s another platform for retailers to encourage customers to visit their shops. Finally, SCOUPY’s a source of useful insights, assessments and in-depth info. It’s helpful, accessible and focuses on today’s real customers.

SCOUPY provides you with all the necessary tools for fast and effective working towards Trial, Penetration, Rotation, Awareness and Loyalty. It ensures direct motivation, which in turn results in purchasing targets.

reaches more than one million people every month

has more than 1.2 million app downloads

uses smart and tangible motivation concepts

has compiled more than 45.000,000 brand preferences


SCOUPY brings consumers, manufacturers and retailers together in a consumer community, a manufacturers’ platform and a source of useful insights.

The possibilities are infinite. So use the SCOUPY model for purchases, customer identification, emotionally charging your brand and purchase, personalising follow-up stunts, and enhancing your relationship with consumers.

Motivating consumers

SCOUPY sets up save, win and/or cash-back campaigns to motivate the target group to visit your (online) shop. It goes without saying that these campaigns are completely targeted in order to reach the target group at the right time and the right place.

Customer identification

SCOUPY has stored a total of more than 3.600.000 cash receipts for relevant target groups. This data enables us to find out for you which consumers make what purchases at which location. This is extremely valuable info for making sure you offer and/or launch your campaign and product in exactly the right way.


We use hettestpanel.nl  to get reviews and ratings on your product. We’ll send you a direct insight into individual and collective product ratings. This gives you exactly the right insights to enrich and enhance your commercial message.

One-to-one contact

Use SCOUPY to present your product or get customers to try it out or sample it at trade fairs or on the shop floor at various retailers. Enjoy prominent visibility at the stands! We also fill in the details of various box concepts so that you can offer your product as effectively as possible.



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