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Startpagina is one of the top 5 biggest domains in the Netherlands. Startpagina.nl offers a selection of the very best websites divided up into easy-reference categories such as fashion, shops, holidays, telecom, finance, automotive and current affairs: on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. All target groups on Startpagina can search in their own way and find what they’re looking for, in combination with the GoeieVraag questions platform.






Startpagina Home

The editors determine the website composition on Startpagina.nl, which guarantees quality and relevance for visitors. Startpagina’s home page and search engine provide an opportunity to reach users during the orientation phase as well as the purchasing phase. And this makes Startpagina an interesting channel for performance-based advertising.


Visitors to GoeieVraag can ask questions which users can answer directly. It’s built up a well-stocked database containing more than 600,000 questions & answers over the years. An average of 14,000,000 page views every month and a unique reach of 350,000 visitors enable you to reach a wide section of the public on GoeieVraag in a very short time. And you can post targeted advertisements too, thanks to the clear division into categories.

Startpagina themes

Startpagina has more than 6,800 themed pages with sets of links on a wide range of topics. All these are maintained by enthusiastic partners with a special interest in the relevant topic. The idea here is to create a clear and relevant page by providing links to current relevant websites on the topic in question. If you’d like to find out more, please contact the site managers.

Startpagina Search

Startpagina Search is Startpagina’s search engine. Besides a well-maintained preselection of the very best websites, Startpagina’s search engine also provides an even more complete range of relevant websites. Startpagina Search is used every day by 150,000 visitors who type in more than 450,000 search queries. This means that Startpagina Search offers advertisers the opportunity to reach users at the most relevant times.



Display options

Display on Startpagina enables you to achieve greater impact with a considerable reach in a large and purchase-minded target group. 66% of these users go to Startpagina.nl to get inspiration and find out more about making a purchase.

Data insights

Startpagina will be happy to provide you, as an advertiser, with a report on the customer journey to your own product. For instance, this report tells you how often visitors click on certain advertisers on Startpagina.nl before conversion takes place. It also enables you to see which other advertisers visitors compare you to the most on Startpagina, and what search terms have contributed the most to conversion. And finally, Startpagina can give you an insight into potential at branch level.

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