• Tina

    The biggest brand for young girls in the Netherlands!

Tina is the biggest and most fun brand for girls in the Netherlands and it leads the market for girls aged between 8 and 12. It’s a pure, classic, tried-and-tested brand. Tina can reach young girls through all devices with its weekly magazine, an annual event, Tina vloggers and merchandise.

Girls can daydream, laugh and keep updated on the latest news with Tina.


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Tina Magazine

Tina’s the market leader for young girls aged between 8 and 12, which makes it the biggest brand for girls in the Netherlands. Take advantage of its huge reach and claim an editorial environment!

Take advantage of our cross-media options and make sure you’re visible online as well as offline!

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“Tina gives girls the chance to daydream and have all kinds of ‘adventures’ which help them to understand and find out about themselves, other people and the world around them.”

Tina readers

are aged between 8 and 12

love music, dancing and celebs

have lots and lots of friends

seek inspiration in fashion & beauty

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