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    This TV guide is published once a fortnight and covers the biggest number of channels

Totaal TV is the leading online & offline place for digital TV viewers. It’s the only TV guide which gives extensive information on all digital & non-digital developments on the 105 digital channels. The magazine and website are both easy to follow, so consumers can immediately find whatever they’re looking for. Totaal TV enjoys a considerable reach due to its unique info and its easy-reference layout.


Totaal TV is released every two weeks for the digital television viewer. With its extensive and clear information about all developments concerning no fewer than 105 digital television channels, this guide is perfect for television viewers. Totaal TV occupies a prominent place in many households: the perfect place for you as an advertiser to draw attention to many families.


Via Totaal TV online, the digital television viewer can find all the information needed to enjoy the latest films, programs and series in a relaxed way. Thanks to a clear guide, the latest news, tests, interviews and much more, the online platform of Totaal TV offers enough possibilities for you as an advertiser. Take a ride on this unique platform and claim an editorial umfeld!


The followers of Totaal TV like to stay informed of her latest news. Thanks to the many reactions, likes and reposts, Totaal TV enjoys a very active network. Take advantage of this influential position and introduce our followers to your product.

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“Totaal TV’s easy-to-follow cross-media content provides TV viewers with all the info they need on the 105 digital TV channels. It makes sure they don’t miss anything and enables them to relax and enjoy the latest films and series.”

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