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    This is the number one TV and film magazine in the Netherlands!

Veronica Magazine has been the biggest RTV and entertainment magazine in the Netherlands for many years. After changing over to digital, it’s now expanded from a specific print title into a cross-media brand. Besides the general TV guide, consumers can use the digital guide, the online platform and the famous ‘Superguide’ app.


Veronica Magazine is the film and TV magazine for no less than 2 million men and women. Thanks to the double function of the program guide and magazine, Veronica Magazine ensures a high contact frequency, which ensures an optimal range of your product.


The digital brand Veronica.nl reaches its visitors in many different ways. Via the website, app, social media and its newsletter. Veronicamagazine.nl is the news source for entertainment, film, TV tips and of course with the most current TV guide. But also the platform for reader promotions and reader benefits.


Veronica’s followers like to stay informed of her latest news. Thanks to the many comments, likes and reposts, Veronica enjoys a very active network. Take advantage of this influential position and introduce our followers to your product.

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The Veronica follower likes to stay up to date with the latest tips and trends. That is why the Veronica newsletter converts very well. The possibilities are endless, so take advantage of this success!

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“Its dual function of TV guide and entertainment magazine means that Veronica Magazine has a high contact frequency and a large current reach. Our target group enjoys getting information and entertainment in one sole format.”

Veronica readers

are men and women aged between 35 and 60

like films and enjoy watching series

regularly go into town to look around the shops

are very interested in cars, music, games and fashion

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