Trendy, sparkling and stylish

VIVA is the quick-witted member of the group. It has the courage to be vulnerable, it’s caring, amusing, clever and fashionable, and it says exactly what it thinks. Its online reach of 2.3 million visitors and 21.5 million page views each month mean that VIVA is one of the biggest digital brands for women. And its VIVA MAMA special appeals to trendy mums with VIVA DNA! Add the annual VIVA 400 live event to all this and we get the absolute top brand for young, trendy and independent women.

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VIVA Magazine

VIVA is the absolute top favourite among young women. It provides them with 84 pages of relaxation and pleasure that really recharges their batteries. It is. So take advantage of its huge reach generated by extremely high-impact advertising displays.


Take advantage of our cross-media options and make sure you’re visible online as well as offline!

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Nominated women

“VIVA has been the brand for young women for 45 years. VIVA is tough, sparkling and tasteful, with a lot of attention for fashion, work, sex and travel. Thanks to the VIVA400 business women event and our strong cross-media platforms, we have a strong bond with our target group. "

Debby Gerritsen

Hoofdredacteur VIVA

VIVA women

are aged between 20 and 45

have reached an intermediate stage in their lives

enjoy getting inspiration from fashion, beauty, travel, nightlife and healthy eating

spend their own hard-earned cash on things that make them happy

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