• WONEN Landelijke Stijl

    The biggest nationwide Home & Living magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium

WONEN Landelijke Stijl/Maisons de Charme has enjoyed a reputation for many years as the leading reference point for a rural living style, and it’s developed into the absolute market leader in the world of classic, rural and ageless living in the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to its spin-offs, product branding, supplements, eponymous books and its own online shop, WONEN Landelijke Stijl is a brand you’ll find everywhere, for everyone who loves rural interior decor.


Every two months WONEN Landelijke Style is released in the Netherlands, Belgium and Wallonia. WONEN Landelijke Stijl is unique within its niche, making it the style icon for classic and timeless living. The perfect place for you as an advertiser to appeal to a very broad female target group.


WONEN Landelijke Stijl offers advertisers effective opportunities for awareness, activation and conversion, through the use of very eye-catching displays or branded content solutions. Branded content is often shared by the consumer and in combination with newsletters and social media, a large additional reach can be built up in a short time.


Within e-commerce, WONEN Landelijke Stijl makes the link with the very successful webshop of vtwonen.nl. This unique one stop shop for home products, inspiration and practical information makes living fun for everyone. Via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest we keep followers and fans informed of actions and trends and enter into a dialogue with visitors. In addition to the vtwonen collection, you will find over 30,000 products from 600 other brands in the webshop. Your product can also be listed here.


Every Friday, WONEN Landelijke Stijl reaches over 202,300 newsletter subscribers. Your branded content can also be listed here!

“WONEN Landelijke Stijl has been the leading reference point for many years for everyone who loves a rural interior decor style. Each issue gives readers the opportunity to take a look in the most beautiful interiors. And our editors provide continual inspiration through newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, our online shop and our own website.”

WONEN Landelijke Stijl readers

are aged between 35 and 54

set great store by a warm and inviting interior

combine work and family

are highly educated

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