• Specific data ensures top relevance and very little waste

    Generating and analysing data can be compared to carrying out continuous sample surveys among the target group. Where are they, and what are they looking for? Making the right analysis means we can transform this data into campaigns which fit in perfectly with consumers’ own needs and ideas. We then use this to create exactly the right conversion for you. Effective data targeting means we can ensure that your campaign gets attention from the right target group at the right time. To sum up: we start with approximate data, move on to insights and then arrive at the final application. To achieve this in the best possible way, we provide solutions which can be used separately, but which can be perfectly combined with each other as well.


Insight is a key factor if you want to be relevant for consumers. Where are they, and what are they looking for? If we have the right information, we can transform this data into campaigns which fit in perfectly with consumers’ own needs and ideas. To help you in this respect, DPG Media has varioous data solutions whereby we generate and interpret data and place the insights at your disposal. These insights are based on a combination of all our data sources ranging from online searching, reading and buying behaviour to qualitative surveys carried out on target groups. But we can also identify the right audiences and relevant features especially for you by using our audience discovery solution.

Data activation

We use concrete facts such as subscriber data, login data and subscriber search behaviour as a basis to build up the right audiences. We base these in turn on demographics, interest and intent, or we customise them for you. All this enables us to get your message across to the right target group, and you can even tailor your message to suit each audience in order to achieve even greater impact.

Data only

Of course, you can also use the data segments that we’ve built up in our database – in our own network as well as outside it – by using our data only proposition.

Custom services

We’ll be happy to give you additional help so that you can make the best possible use of all the data options. We can use data as a basis to devise specific solutions such as custom audiences, lookalikes and even optimisation of the entire campaign, including concept and creation. But we’d also be happy to simply share our experience and advice with you. We’re here to help you, from strategy to participation, personalisation and optimisation. For example, this might be in the shape of a workshop or presentation.

We’re always on standby to answer your questions because we’re fully aware that data will always be a mysterious element, and we also know that data’s an essential factor in giving your brand advertising the necessary punch.