• We examine the entire customer journey and compile relevant consumer insights beforehand

    Performance en Branding Solutions

Full service

Analysing, advising and creating: that’s the three-stage rocket we use at Sanoma to raise the profile of your advertising. Not only do we think up, devise and carry out all these creative campaigns, but we also have all the right media and content at our fingertips to link up with these campaigns.

We use relevant data as a basis to generate a powerful starting point, and we know exactly how to keep on getting the best possible results from media deployment, creation and conversion. Throughout the entire funnel, and within any media type. This means we offer you full service and take care of absolutely everything for you, which in turn guarantees you a relevant campaign which will get your message across to the target group.

Simply the best!

And we go one step further too. Besides media solutions, we also think in terms of coordinating marketing solutions that focus entirely on your business goals. Existing solutions aren’t a boundary line here: they’re only the starting point. If we see that we can use a different method to get the target group moving, we’ll adjust your campaign or even start a whole new concept. We’re fully equipped to deal with each and every client request, and we use data in a smart way so that the solutions we provide are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The right ingredients for generating impact

We ensure the best possible combination of the right content and we target premium audiences on the basis of our extensive data profiles and our tried and tested brands. This ensures that your story gets through to the right target group from the right source at the right time. And this results in maximum impact for you!


We linked the Renault brand to our annual VIVA400 event so that Renault could forge links with young and ambitious women. Renault’s preferred target group fitted in exactly with this particular target group. Thanks to a huge media reach before, during and after the event, more than one million women were able to come into contact with the Renault brand. And Renault reached a further 1.7 million women due to deployment of our online platforms.

Share a Perfect Day

To generate awareness for the Jumbo supermarket chain among a wide female target group, we organised an event designed to appeal to exactly that target group. ‘Share a Perfect Day’ has become a famous day out for women and their friends.

We used our strong titles in the women’s domain to boost this event. Jumbo played a leading role in all this advertising.

More than 60,000 female visitors attended the actual event. And this reach increased even more, thanks to the boosting in our women’s domain using our titles and online platforms.

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