• We combine creativity and data-driven insights

    and this gets fantastic results


Let us tell your story for you. After all, we’ve been doing this for more than 80 years!

As storytellers, we can help you stand out from the crowd by basing our creative concepts on knowledge of the target group. We take a look at the entire customer journey and compile relevant insights beforehand. Next, we create a campaign which fits in perfectly with the target group’s own needs and ideas, and we carry out the entire production in your own style. We bring creativity and data-driven insights together, which gets fantastic results! Our wide domains enable us to boost each campaign among the entire Dutch population. In addition, our cross-media options give us exactly the right tools for getting the absolute best out of your campaign. We’ll organize your event and create your platform because the way we work enables us to deal with every imaginable customer request.

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Data solutions

Specific data ensures top relevance and very little waste

Generating and analysing data can be compared to carrying out continuous sample surveys among the target group. Where are they, and what are they looking for? Making the right analysis means we can transform this data into campaigns which fit in perfectly with consumers’ own needs and ideas. We then use this to create exactly the right conversion for you. Effective data targeting means we can ensure that your campaign gets attention from the right target group at the right time. To sum up: we start with approximate data, move on to insights and then arrive at the final application. To achieve this in the best possible way, we provide solutions which can be used separately, but which can be perfectly combined with each other as well.

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Get insight into the target group - thanks to the target group!


Motivating consumers to go to your online or physical shop and generating insight into consumer buying behaviour for your products. We can use the SCOUPY model and the Testpanel to achieve this for you. SCOUPY is the biggest FMCG action marketing platform in the Netherlands and it’s a mobile first platform too. We spark off consumer buying intention through targeted use of saving, winning and/or cash-back campaigns. Thanks to direct contact and accumulated knowledge of our consumers, we can approach them direct with your brand advertising.

Combine this option with Hettestpanel.nl: the perfect supplement. After all, who better to offer your brand than consumers themselves?

Hettestpanel.nl is the number one panel platform in the Netherlands. Consumers can register here (one-off) and then put their names down for any test panels and surveys they like. You can have your products tested here or attract consumer attention for them by holding a competition or sample offer, or you can carry out a lifestyle survey among the target group. Hettestpanel.nl gives you exactly the right insights to enrich and enhance your commercial message.

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Create your own ad on NU.nl

DPG Media gives everyone the opportunity to advertise quickly, easily and specifically. Let’s imagine that you’re a local entrepreneur and you’d like to reach a target group in your immediate vicinity. In such cases, advertising in the local paper doesn’t always get results. So we can offer you an SME tool to help you generate a huge reach in an incredibly simple way. It’s also known as the self-service advertising tool. You can design your own ad by following four steps. It’ll only take three minutes of your time. This tool is linked to NU.nl, which is the biggest news title in the Netherlands. It’ll make sure you enjoy a huge exposure boost! We can post your ad online from only € 25.

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The power of influencer marketing

Our influential partners are key in our social media network. Our influencers fit in perfectly with a cross-media campaign. We combine the impact of our influentials with the scale of our network and the authority of our titles to ensure that your product gets as much consumer attention as possible. Find out about our unique position in a big influencer network!

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Publishing Partners

Working with Publishing Partners

We’ve been sharing our strategic insights in the world of online advertising sales – with or without data on large-scale networks – for many years with partners whose profiles fit in with our own titles.

We take over the entire online advertising operation (or part of it), which ensures the best possible coordination between profit and pricing. If you’d like to know what partners we’re currently working with,

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Within the current possibilities, there are more options. Deviant advertising formats, flyers, cards, special kinds of ink, scents, we are ready for your suitable brand expression.

Consumer  Income
‘Strong brands encourage sales’

Consumer Income works through the power of our strong brands. We develop your commercial propositions and link it to the look and feel as well as the tone of voice of our brands. Your services are offered and sold to consumers trough TV-, print and online channels. Next to this, Consumer Income develops consumer platforms from which we bring your services, through structural media campaigns, to the attention.